Conficker Worm's Copycat Neeris Spreading Over IM

Satheesh C B | Thursday, April 09, 2009 | 1 comments

Conficker infected millions of computers and now another threat called Neeirs Worm is copying the same infection strategies of Conficker.


The latest variant of Neeris which has been in the wild since 2005, is mimicking all of Conficker’s spreading techniques, including the exploitation of MS08-067 and the AutoRun spreading tactic.These worms spread via MNS Messenger and may contain backdoor functionalities.According to Friday blog post from researchers Ziv Mador and Aaron Putnam , new Neeris variant began popping up last week.

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The Neeris Worm is now updated using the same methods of Conficker to spread by using the autorun.inf file.To protect against the worm, you should take the same steps as they did with Conficker, . That includes installing MS08-067 and disabling AutoRun, if possible.




Conficker worm's copycat Neeris spreading over IM

New Worm Named Neeris Mimics Conficker

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