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There are millions of poisoned web pages out there.How to browse safely there?AVG hasavg now made available  its Scanner  as a standalone application for the Windows operating system compatible with the Internet Explorer and Firefox web browser.It integrates with your web browser and verifies search results and website links to let you know if they are safe to visit or not.


AVG LinkScanner has a two-fold approach to your safety online ;Search-Shield scans search results and places a safety rating next to each link, so you know where it’s safe to  click.Active Surf-Shield scans the page behind any link you click on or any web address you type into your browser. If the page is poisoned, it stops you from opening it.


After the installation of AVG.LinkScanner, it will show green flag and red flag indicators with each links. Red indicator flag brings something dangerous or harmful, other hand, Green flag brings good for you. The user can select to go back or continue to the website in question.In every search results it will confirm you and show you the scanned reports on basis of your clicks on icons.

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LinkScanner also offers two "slow down" warnings. The first is yellow with one exclamation point in it, while the second is orange and has two exclamation points. A link at the bottom of the pop-up takes you to the AVG product comparison page.


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