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Most of  us find ourselves working on at least  2 PCs in the course of our personal or professional lives.Nothing can be worse  than showing up at the office when  you realising that you   may left the most recent copy of an important presentation or a file at home.So you need synchronization software  to keep important files up to date on all your computers,

File synchronization,is the process of making sure that files in two or more locations are updated through certain rules. Whenever changes are made, or at specified points, the computers communicate and share any changes that have been made to the directory or files.


Windows Live Sync is a free service designed to help you synchronize  files across all the computers you use, share files and photos with friends and colleagues, and remotely access your files from any other computer connected to the Internet.This is a simple service to use and you don’t need to create yet another email ID with Hotmail/MSN in order  to use it.You can use existing email to register with the service or use your MSN/Hotmail Live ID. 


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  • You can synchronize folders on external hard drives with Sync. If you disconnect a hard drive that contains a synchronized folder, you must re-connect to the synchronized folder when the hard drive is re-connected.
  • You can synchronize up to 20 folders containing up to 20,000 files each. Files can't be larger than 4 gigabytes (GB).
  • Sync doesn't work with mapped network drives.
  • If Sync detects multiple versions of the same file, both versions of the file will be saved in the folder. The files will be renamed, appending the computer and user name of the person who created or changed the file. To consolidate the files, you must merge the versions by opening each of the files and consolidating the information.
  • You can set the folder to synchronize on demand instead of automatically. When a folder is set to synchronize on demand, it synchronizes only the files you click

 Home page  Wndows Live Sync 


Live Mesh –another Microsoft web offering and apart from syncing files it also merges with them with the cloud.So instead of synchronizing files between PCs directly, you create folders in the ‘Mesh’, and then have your PCs connect to those folders to execute a sync.Also you need to download the application.

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Your  mesh includes any devices that you add, and the folders you choose to sync and share It will integrate into your Windows Explorer and give you a new  option in the right-click menu to add any file or folder to mesh

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  • Your devices work together
  • Your data and applications available from anywhere
  • The people you need to connect with just a few clicks away for sharing and collaborating
  • The information you need to stay up-to-date and always be available

Home page Windows Live Mesh


PureSync is a user-friendly  free file syncing and backup application.You can create a profile to sync folders, back up folders, or create a profile for your digital camera.


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The program offers a step-by-step wizard to configure your backup and synchronization tasks and set advanced options like file exclusions, conflicts management, compare options and more. You can choose to run the backups manually as needed or automatically on a regular schedule.


Os:Win98,WinME,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows Vista|ic_download  Download |4.15MB



Allway Sync is a simple directory synchronization tool that allows you to keep files in two folders synchronized. The folders can be on the local drive, network machine or removable drive, and the differences are shown before the synchronization takes place. You also have the option to exclude selected files or changes the default sync direction.

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OS:98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista|Freeware|5.9MB| ic_download Download |Home page Homepage


SugarSync .Once you register and install this powerful tool, your SugarSync account will6-28-2009 10-02-57 AM be  created and your computer added to it.After this it will ask you to specify the folders that you want to sync.SugarSync is configures to display the status  of files and folders  directly in Windows Explorer via an icon overlay.The folders you select will be backed up to the SugaSync server from where they will be available for remote access through any browser.

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SugarSync also has a strong mobile component. Not only can you view your synced files on your smartphone, but there's a mobile app that hooks into your phone's camera and will automatically upload new pictures to a directory on your PCs.


Home page HomePage


Dropbox lets you sync files online as well as across computers and like some of the dropbox_logo_homeotherr solutions , it even has a web interface.It has also support for the Linux world.The service  lets you sync  seamlessly between Mac,Windows and Linux,none of the other featured services offer this.Dropbox maintains a good balance between ease of use and availability of advanced features. It automatically backup a subset of your files, and to access them when traveling.



Dropbox uses almost no interface and yet it is east to use.Clicking on the system tray icon opens the Dropbox folder.Right clicking  on the files and folders brings up  individual manipulation options.The free version lets you sync up to  2GB of data.


ic_download  Download |14MB |Home page Homepage | Freeware


Syncplicity is similsr to Dropbox but has a few cloud-interfacing features in addition to the6-28-2009 12-37-49 PM standard synchronization.It has the added functionality of bring able to integrate with  Google Docs ,Zoho online Word Processor  and Scribd online Document Viewer.In addition to this it can also sync photos from your native folders into Facebook albums.It is ideally suited to those who depend heavily on cloud-based services such as GoogleDocs.


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Syncplicity synchronizes your files automatically whenever you change a file.It's basic service, with 2GB of storage and syncing between 2 computers, is available for free.

Home page Homepage


There are other  similar synchronization and backup solutions  available such as

  1. mozy-logo-270

  2. smartsync_icon SmartSync Pro

  3. 6-28-2009 12-53-05 PM GoodSync


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