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Most users end up holding their head in frustration when the need to grab a screenshot arises,especially in case of web pages.The process involves several steps and requires  more than just one application.The common method of grabbing screenshot is to press the [Print Scrn] button on the keyboard and open an image editing software like MS Paint or IrfanView and pasting it.Later processing involves  cropping the unwanted region from the image using image enhancing tools.This process gets even lengthier when one needs to capture an entire page.Since monitors do not  support astronomical resolutions,it isn’t always possible to capture an entire page .Instead users  have to take snapshots of different parts of the page and then stitch these images together to get a comprehensive view  of the entire page.Firefox has a helpful add-on that can minimize your problems by quite measure.It’s called ‘Screengrab’.


Follow these steps below to download and install the application.

  • Visit here to install sparks Screengrab

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  • Click ‘Add to Firefox’.You will need to restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.
  • On restarting  you will notice the  Screengrab logo on the status bar of the browser

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  • Click’Tools | Add-ons’
  • Select  the format in which you would like to save the web page as.
  • Click ‘OK’ for the changes to take effect..Now you hav  configures settings, it is  time to see how the application works.
  • Open the webpage that you want to save as an image.
  • Click the Screengrab icon ,present on the status bar of the page.
  • You will come across the options.’Save and Copy’;while former directly saves the web page as an image; the latter just copies it onto your clipboard.
  • Under each of these, you have 4  different options

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Complete Page/Frame- Saves the entire page  irrespective of the dimensions  and page size.Visible portion –Saves only the portion of the site that can be seen on your browser.Selection-Requires you to select the boundary of the region that have to be saved.

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