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Spark   a useful tool for Outlook , which  allows you to look at your inbox from a whole new perspective. The add-on assure better management of messages and contacts, one of Outlook's biggest shortcomings.


  • Fast email search
  • Analytics on my email usage
  • Summarizes all attachments by the contact (particularly like this one)
  • Extracts phone numbers from the body of email messages
  • Navigate through my email by people
  • Threaded conversations
  • Fast email search
  • Automatically suggests meeting times in a click of a button based on free space in my calendar 



    In the top of the Xobni pane you can view your contact profiles. It also displays each contact's phone number, which it extracts  from e-mail messages.You see  the  thread of conversations you've had and files you've exchanged just below the profile,. It is easy to find and view threads by specific topics; a slider control reveals more or fewer lines of the conversation.Xobni searches the web for information about your contacts. Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype,Hoovers information & more, brought into Outlook.

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    ic_download Download | Freeware|4.76MB


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