Manage Your Network Settings With NetSetMan

Satheesh C B | Thursday, August 06, 2009 | 0 comments

Changing from one network to another can be quite a pain especially when you need to remember a list of network settings. But wouldn’t that require you to manually change the settings every time you move from one place to another? That shouldn’t be a problem with NetSetMan installed. You only need to manually enter each set of IP addresses once andnsm-dl you’re done. Thereafter all changes are done at the click of a button—no more digging through network properties. You even have the choice of exporting your  settings which gives you the flexibility of setting up multiple machines quickly. To  make things easier you have the choice of renaming each preset according to its location or purpose.


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With this network settings manager  you  can easily switch between 6 different, visually structured profiles.It has a powerful, easy-to-use interface to manage all your network settings at a glance


Key Features of "NetSetMan":

· IP Adress settings
· Subnet Mask settings
· Default Gateway settings
· Preferred as well as Alternate DNS Server settings
· Computer Name + Workgroup settings

downloadfile NetSetMan 2.5.4 | 1404KB | Freeware

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