Repair Broken AVI Video Files with Fix Player

Satheesh C B | Tuesday, December 22, 2009 | 1 comments

Many occasions AVI video files  downloaded from  Internet or torrent sites are not perfect and complete.Sometimes the video files copied from CD / DVD can't be played.This may due the file have not completely copied from CD, DVD Or files may corrupted.As a result Windows Media Player or other video player won't play such AVI video files.


Fix Player is a simple and useful free AVI player which helps you to repair and to watch such corrupted  AVI video files on your PC




You can repair your AVI file in these cases:

  1. Video file have not totally copied from CD, DVD or other source
  2. Video freezing
  3. Video can't be played

Key Features

  1. Detect the bad data
  2. Repair the index of AVI file
  3. Support the Standard AVI file format (Microsoft Video for Windows)
  4. Repair local avi file
  5. Preview remote file
  6. Repair avi file from CD or DVD disk The license of this video & dvd software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this Video & DVD software


dl2  Fix Player | OS:Windows2000 , 2003 , NT , XP | 2.69MB





DivFix is another  utility  which fixes broken DivXs, AVIs, XviDs. DivXFix, AVIFix, XviDFix . With this tool  you can reconstruct the damaged videos. DivFix lets you to view videos before they have completely downloaded, giving you the possibility of verifying their quality.


12-21-2009 21-06-36


dl2 | 266 KB

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  1. I'd like to recommend Remo Repair AVI since its the most desired
    application when it comes to repairing AVI files on Windows as well as on
    Mac OS.