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These days communication is getting complicated.Everyone  use a  lots  of tools  like  instant messaging services ,  e-mails  and social networks etc to stay in touch .Keeping track of all the different networks and media you use to keep in touch these days can be more time-consuming and cumbersome.Here is a free application  called  VoxOx, that provides access to a variety of  communication services.It looks sleek and includes more features than most competitors like Digsby,Skype.


With  VoxOx ,you can use it to chat with your friends on Facebook,Twitter, Google Talk,YahooIM , SMS, and more. It  lets you to  make calls from PC to PC, as well as from PCs to landlines and mobile phones.The application comes with 2 hours of free calling time, and assigns you a VoxOx phone number.Placing calls is as easy as dialing a number, but voice quality will vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the quality of your headset. With your free VoxOx phone number , you can also fax. Just click the fax button, and choose the PDF or word document you want to send.

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You can send  your photo albums, music files or large documents with a VoxOx download link. No more missed deliveries or crowded inboxes, and it’s super easy to include the link in an email, chat, text or IM.In this way it unifies most of the  communication channels - video, instant messaging ,file sharing and social networking,text, social media, e-mail, fax and content sharing.In nutshell  it is a one-stop shop for your communications .

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