Retrieves Information From a Scratched CD or DVD With Dvdisaster

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CD’s and  DVD’s   are the media , which can keep the data  for   a limited  period of time (normally  many years). After that time, data loss develops slowly with read errors growing from the outer media region towards the inside.But that will  gradually  degrade and the  the information stored within them can become unreadable. You might have got errors such as  “ Cannot read from the source file or disk” .Ultimately we   may lose our valuable information.

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There is a way to Protect DVD, CD medias from future damages. We can still recover the data stored in them very easily. Dvdisaster - an open source  tool of security that creates a file error correction prevent any loss of information in an optical storage device, either a CD or DVD. It tries to read as much data as possible from defective media. Afterwards unreadable sectors are recovered using the previously created error correction code. The maximum error correction capacity is user-selectable. If you create the error correction code file in time and keep it at a safe place, you have a good chance of recovering the medium contents from typical read errors and to transfer your complete data onto a new medium.

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  • Protects against aging and accidental medium damage (within certain limits).
  • Read error tests run faster than quality scans; up to full reading speed depending on the drive.
  • Cost-effective: Media must be replaced with a new copy only when they are really defective.
  • Download Dvdisaster

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