How to Remove, Clean MSN Trojan, Worm

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MSN (now Windows Live Messenger) is the most popular IM and  it is one of  the most targeted IM for  virus  infection. Recently there is a virus being spread by MSN Messenger .You may  accept  the pictures , which contains virus  from the person who you are talking to .To avoid  the virus infection  ,you must be very careful when you receive a link.It is better  to  reject/decline  when asked.  MSN viruses are very irritating and totally dangerous to your computer data and security of your computer.

Popular MSN virus.

  • IM-Names
  • cute.pif
  • PIC1234(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1).exe
  • Choke.exe
  • W32.Aplore@mm


  • Computer performance slow down drastically
  • Slow Internet speed
  • Problems in MSN Messenger access
  • Un-wanted Pop-ups while you browsing.
  • Your MSN friends complain of getting weird messages from you.

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MSNcleaner  is tool  to detect and remove remove these trojans, worms and virus using the available anti virus tools on the net  which  has  a database that includes more than 12000 virus.To use MSN Virus Cleaner, just run MSN Virus Cleaner and it will automatically erase all detected threats from your computer.

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