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Satheesh C B | Friday, April 17, 2009 | 1 comments

The malicious Twitter worm  began circulating on the micro-blogging network.People started reporting that their profile had sent Twitter messages without their knowledge. Messages looked like this.

4-17-2009 11-27-17 AM The worm, appearing as "StalkDaily", was created by the 17-year-old Mike Mooney "out of boredom" and is now generating thousands of spam messages containing the word "Mikeyy."According to a TechCrunch report, visiting the profile page of an infected user can lead to one's own profile getting infected.


The worm generated tweets which tricked other users to click onto its links, because they come from what seem to be reliable sources such as friends and family members.Additionally, a URL shortening service, (such as TinyURL) could be used to mask the link's destination to trick you.


Twitter users not to click on any links from messages containing the words "Mikeyy" or "Stalkdaily." You can disable JavaScript in your browser as an additional security measure,. Firefox users can use the no-script add-on, which stops any unwanted scripts from running.It is better to clear your browser cache and turn off JavaScript. Delete anylogo messages your profile automatically posted that contain the word "Mikeyy". You can turn JavaScript back on so you change your bio and URL, and reset your color scheme from your profile. Additionally, changing your password could be a safe measure.For the immediate future, use a third-party Twitter tool (such as TweetDeck/ Twhirl).

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