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Basic Solutions
Simple Stuff
Keep these things in mind when using your computer.
-Don't open E-Mail attachments from people you don't know, and if you do - be careful, run a virus scan on them before opening.
-Don't run files you don't trust, especially if they are just bare .exe files from a dodgy source.
Once you've downloaded a file, run a virus scan on it. Just to make sure, it can't harm you.
-If your antivirus tells you you've got a virus in your temp internet files, stop browsing that page immediately. Close all internet pages, clear the temporary internet files and run a full system scan.
-Before running a virus scan, clear your temp internet files and clean out the Sun Java
Temp folder.
Pay close attention to the task manager, if you see a new process there, and you haven't installed anything - be cautious, it may be legit - but do some checking anyway.
Google the process name, and run a virus/adware scan.

Windows XP Service Pack 3

If you're using Windows XP, and don't have Service Pack 3 installed install it!
When you install sp3, here is a list of things that you should pay attention to:

  • Check here for programs that might behave differently when using Service Pack 3.
  • Check here for programs that may stop working when using Service Pack 3.
  • Backup all essential data, My Documents, game save files, program configurations etc...
  • Do a full system scan for viruses, using all the anti malicious software programs you have. This is covered more in depth below.
  • Check for special update instructions from your computers manufacturer.
  • Once you've made backups, scanned for threats, and installed. Instantly check for Windows Updates (see below).

Download SP3                                                                   

Windows Update System Properties: Automatic Updates

Although this will not speed your PC up, it will keep it safe, run Windows Update regularly. (Only works in Internet Explorer)
Office Update
Although this will not speed your PC up, it will keep it safe, run Office Update regularly. (Only works in Internet Explorer)
Update Everything Else 
This link may useful: Keep your essentials up todate 

Very simple solution, defragment your Hard Drive. This simply rearranges the files in your hard drive into a logical order, meaning your computer will spend less time looking for the files.
For a better Disk Defragmenter, see Perfect Disk below.
Disk Cleanup

This simple program included with Windows, deletes ( / compresses)
some unused/unnecessary system files, such as:
Downloaded Program Files
Temporary Internet Files
Offline Web Pages
Office Set Up Files (If you have it)
Recycle Bin
Temporary Files
WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files
Compress old files
Catalog files for the Content Indexer
For more info on getting rid of junk on your computer, check CCleaner below.
Add/Remove Unused Programs

Add or Remove Programs

If you installed a program to try it, and didn't like it. UNINSTALL it, why keep it lying around in your Hard Drive? Or if a program doesn't work, uninstall it. Or if you just plain don't use it for any reason, uninstall it.
MSconfig - Only for more advanced users


This is another handy function Microsoft has hidden in Windows. It allows you, among other things to choose which programs load in the taskbar at start-up.
Then, unclick the things you don't want to start when your system does.
Third Party Solutions
Mozilla Firefox

Get Firefox now at Download Firefox
A safer Internet browser than Internet Explorer and uses less Memory (RAM). And has other useful functions, such as built in Google search bar, tabs, almost no pop ups. Another added bonus, is that there are no ActiveX controls in Firefox.

Mozilla's Once you've installed Firefox, you'll need some plug-ins to make some sites work properly. Like java, quicktime, real player, shockswave etc..
**NEVER Uninstall Internet Explorer, you need it for running Windows Update.
Perfect Disk
This program makes you wonder why you even used the Microsoft Disk Defrragger.

Among other things, it defrags your HDD(s), and optimizes the files, defrags your system page file, and the master file table. Altogether these things may seem insignificant, but together, they've sped up your PC immensely.

Download Now(30 day Trail)

 Download CCleaner
Great program to remove unneeded files from your computer.
Also has a basic registry cleaner. Great all round cleaning program.
This great program searches your registry for un-needed registry entries and deletes them. (It also makes a back up, before you start).
Once installed you need to allow it to clean the registry automatically; to do this select "Options" > "Registry Cleanup"> "Method" then select "Automatic". To then clean the registry select the "Tools" option > "Registry Cleanup" and then "Do them All".

Download RegCleaner
Cerulean Studio's Trillian

 Download Trillian

This IM client integrates MSN, ICQ, AIM, YIM and IRC. So you don't have to have 5 programs open at once eating up your RAM...

Virus/Trojan/Adware/Spyware Problem & Firewalls
               All of the above can slow your computer down and your internet connection. So, make sure you have a firewall, and also antivirus which are kept up to date.
Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Windows Defender)
Seems excellent, and if you keep it running in the background it queries most suspicious activities. Up to you whether you keep it running in the background, but definitely download, install and run a scan every so often.
Microsoft has a guide on how to install and configure the program!
A great, Spy/Ad ware solution. Detects and deletes most Spy/Ad ware.  Free definition updates.
Spy Sweeper
A great, Spy/Ad ware solution. Detects and deletes most Spy/Adware.
Spybot - Search & Destroy
A great, free Spy/Ad ware solution. Detects and deletes most Spy/Ad ware. It finds the same as Ad-Aware, if not more.
--->NOTE: For better results you can use all of them, so if something is missed by one appz the other will pick it up!
Spyware Blaster
This great program stops spyware and adware before it even hits. It protects you against malicious ActiveX programs, cookies and much more. Read here for more info.
Think you've got the well known Trojan/spyware CoolWebSearch on your computer?
Well you can use this handy tool to get rid of it.
HijackThis - Only for more advanced users
Serious spyware infestation? Especially with Internet Explorer, this will help get rid of those pesky search bars that just keep coming back. This programs requires a slightly higher level of computer literacy.
Online Virus Scanners
These online virus scanners can be useful to check if you have a virus, which your antivirus has missed.
Trend Micro
Nice online scan, can be used with almost any internet browser.
Symantec Security Check
Good but you need to use Internet Explorer
Jotti's Malware Scan
Great scan utilities with many virus scanners to check if the file. Almost bound to find the virus. Can only check one file at a time, but this is very useful.
This free anti-virus program by Bitdefender is one of the best free AV programs out there.                                                Firewalls 
Firewall Check
Want to check how effective your firewall is to external elements?
GRC Shields UP!
Great all-round scan, checks all commonly used ports and more.
Symantec Security Check
Nice scan by Symantec, sad they try to sell you stuff at the end – even if you pass perfectly.
Sygate Personal Firewall
This free firewall by Sygate is generally revered as one of the best free firewall around.
Zone Alarm
Very good firewall.                                                        AuditMyPC                                                                             You'll find a ton of free online tools at Audit My PC

See my blog postings to know more How to Stop Hijackers & Spyware Infections, And other malware Spyware ,Virus Symptoms &Cure Virus/Malware/Spyware Preliminary Removal Instructions

RAM - Random Access Memory

Your computer needs this stuff, and the more the better.One simple solution to speed your PC up, is to buy more RAM for it. Just check what speed of RAM your Motherboard and CPU can take, and what the maximum amount of RAM your computer will make use of.

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