NetVideoHunter-Play Video While Downloading From YouTube !

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NetVideoHunter is a Firefox add-on  with you can download videos and music from almost all video-sharing sites  like YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, Metacafe, Dailymotion, iFilm, Videoegg, Veoh,, You can view the videos when you click on the icon.

  • Click here to Install NetVideoHunter add-on for Firefox (if not installed)!
  • Go to the page where the video (or music) player is and play the video (if not started automatically)!
  • If the play begins, then the NetVideoHunter captures the videolink (if it's possible), and the video counter on the lower-right corner of the Firefox window (near the NetVideoHunter icon) is incremented.
  • After then, you can click on the NetVideoHunter icon, and the NetVideoHunter window opens with the list of the captured videos and music.


  • In this NetVideoHunter window you can see the list of captured media files and you can Play or Download them.
  • You can preview the videos with the built-in player in fullscreen, if you click on the little blue button (with a rectangle) in the lower right corner:

You can play the video while download saves the FLV to your local disk. This video can be played quickly from the queue and play/save worked without any issues.

Download icon NetVideoHunter Add-on to Firefox

SysReq:Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista |Freeware|Firefox

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