Send Your Files Directly From Microsoft Office With YouSendIt Add-in.

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YouSendIt has released a Microsoft office plug-in that allows Microsoft office users to directly send large files . This new Microsoft office plug-in allows Microsoft office users to send 2GB large files with few clicks. YouSendIt Microsoft office plug-in works only with Microsoft office 2003 and 2007.

The installation  is very simple, it adds a new menu item in “Send” menu if office applications. For  sending  a document go to send and select yousendit.


  1. 25% faster uploads than the Web application
  2. Add additional files and folders of any kind to the same upload batch
  3. Resumable upload- handles network interruptions
  4. Includes all standard YouSendIt features like password protection, certified delivery, and file expiration control
  5. Convenient drag-and-drop and right-click sending options



Installation instructions

  1. Click on the Download now button to download the YouSendItOfficeFamilyAddinSetup1_1_0.exe file to a folder of your choice.
  2. Double click on YouSendItOfficeFamilyAddinSetup1_1_0.exe to begin the installation. This installation requires administrator privileges.
  3. Click on the Run button and follow the instructions to install two packages onto your system: (1) YouSendIt Express 1.7.3, (2) YouSendIt Add-in for Microsoft Office.
  4. The packages will be installed in
    "C:\Program Files\YouSendIt\"

Quick tutorial

  1. Start Microsoft Office.
  2. You should see new menu items. For Microsoft Office 2003 on the file->Send To->Recipient using YouSendIt..., and toolbar. For Microsoft Office 2007 on the Menu->Send->Send by YouSendIt and Mailings tab on Microsoft Word ribbon bar.
  3. When you are ready with your files, select file->Send To->Recipient using YouSendIt...
  4. This will launch Express.
  5. Enter your YouSendIt account name and password and sign in.
  6. After you sign in enter the email address of the recipient, an optional message.
  7. Click on Send It button to send the file.
  8. A progress bar will be displayed showing the file upload progress

Download icon YouSendItOfficeFamilyAddin 

SysReq: Microsoft office 2003 or 2007|12MB|Freeware|You must be a registered user to download and use this plug-in.

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