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Professional photo editing is now possible online with the help of flauntR. This tool allows you to add frames, overlays and effects to enhance the photo, so go ahead and explore its
huge collection. To try your hand out on this new photo editing tool visit  website Once you sign  up go right ahead and upload photos from your PC or integrate it with your Flickr, Facebook, Orkut or MySpace account to import photos. Simply drag the desired image in the workspace and start editing, the options are unlimited! Read on and find out how you can use this tool to revamp your photos with just a few clicks.

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The stylR tab allows you to apply frames, overlays, filters and digital scrapbook styles. After you’ve uploaded the required photo, scroll through the  frames and overlays and select the one. you like. The photo can also be embedded on the cover of popular magazines. Click on the ‘Magazine covers’ tab and select the desired cover. Next, click ‘Adjust photo to pan’, rotate or resize the photo to fit the magazine cover. And behold! you’ve turned into an instant designer.

The editR tab allows you to add effects to the photos. The ‘Edit’ tab is meant to Resize, Rotate and Crop photos. The ‘Effects’ tab has many options to add effects, similar to Photoshop. To apply the effect to the photo, click on the desired effect or if you want to apply the effect to a specific area, enable ‘Choose an area to apply’ and click on the area to apply it.To modify or obtain precise effects, move the slider around. The effects available are blur, mosaic, pixelate, posterize and sketch.It’s also possible to tweak the contrast and remove the red eye effect. Use the Reset / History button to revert to the original photo or remove the effects in case you’ve used multiple effects. Go ahead, experiment, and create flawless photos.

The textR tab allows you to add shapes and text to the photo like speech bubbles, icons, stickers, expressions and signs to add fun to the photos. Simply click on the shape you want to use and drag it into place correctly. To add text, in the ‘Text’ tab, type the text into the box and click ‘Add’. Select the font from the list along with the font size and color of the
text. After this drag the text to wherever you want to place it on the photo. This is a simple and easy option for creating e-cards or adding funny captions to your photos. Sohave fun and make your photos speak.

With picasR you can blend the essence of world renowned paintings on your photos. All you have to do is select your image and select the painting whoseeffect you want to mimic.

Everytime you upload your photo on a social networking profile, the photo is mysteriously cropped to show the most unflattering part of the photo. The profilR helps you sort this out with a single click.

The mobilR is similar to profilR in functionality. It is used to create wallpapers for a specific model of mobile phones. Simply upload the image and select the mobile phone model. The
wallpaper is cropped to the phone’s screen size. Drag it to the part you want to use as your wallpaper and click ‘Apply’. Now download the wallpaper and use it.

With printR you can transform your digital photos into photo prints on high quality paper in different sizes and have them delivered anywhere in the world! This is the only paid service on  flauntR. The printR tab provides options to print your photos as posters and canvas or transform them into works of art with the ‘Fine Art Print’ option. It also lets you create customized greeting cards with photos and a personalized message for every occasion.

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Create your own album on flauntR to store and share unlimited photos with your friends and family members. Sign up to flauntR and discover the various options available to overhaul your photos. Have fun experimenting and flauntR your photos!


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