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Satheesh C B | Wednesday, October 29, 2008 | 0 comments

Are you facing any of the following photo-sharing problems like

  • Difficulty getting photos online
  • Long and tedious upload process
  • Storage amount is lacking and upgrading costs money
  • Reluctance to share private photos with the world

    Then try GPhotospace.  Adding the GPhotoSpace extension to your Firefox install provides you with a solution that's just as easy as using "send to: email recipient" in Windows.The process is quick, easy, and you don’t require any technical knowledge. Once you’ve installed the addon, you can open it by clicking the status bar icon


    • Free .
    • Super Fast – This Firefox extension allows you to seamlessly batch upload up to 50 photos faster than any web-based uploader.
    • Lots of Storage – Most free photo-sharing sites provide little storage. Upgrading costs money. GPhotospace leverages the 7GB+ of space offered for free by Gmail to provide reliable hosting.
    • Secure Sharing – Sharing using most photo sites exposes your photos to the world. But perhaps you are only looking to share with friends and family. GPhotospace only shares your photos and albums with whom you choose. You have 100% control of your privacy.

    The interface is extremely simple. Create a new album, describe it, add photos, and save it. The only adjustment you can make is the size of photos to share: 320/640/1024/1536 pixels. Make sure you change this setting if you want to upload full-size digital images, as it defaults to 640 pixels.

    Download iconspark005  GPhotoSpace

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