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Are  you worried that some malicious cracker or your employer could be violating your privacy and reading private emails?The Whisper Bot is a free, simple, and secure service to provide a modern day passing of the notes between you and your friends and keep away prying eyes.

  • Send quick notes
  • Only the recipient can read it
  • More secure than an email message
  • No sign-up needed and it’s completely free.

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    You can save messages to be send in later time, and it has cool font colors and more, and is really easy to send the whisper to the paltalk room.


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    • You go to and Send a note
    • The note, along with everything else, is encrypted with a high level of encryption and stored in the database
    • An e-mail gets sent off to alert the recipient of your note
    • The recipient clicks on the URL and retrieves their note
    • And the recipient and world are in their happy place

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