what is a junk mail?

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     Junk Mail

  • marketing letters addressed to a large audience
  • unwanted e-mail messages, usually advertising, unsolicited by the recipient..
  • Unsolicited emails sent to users for the purpose of advertising products or services and filtered by the mail browser into the junk mail box
  • third-class mail consisting of advertising and often addressed to `resident' or `occupant'

Types of unsolicited email

Received some junk email, what do I do now?

  • delete the message from your mailbox.
  • do not reply
  • do not ask to be removed from a mailing list, even if you are asked to (commonly this just confirms to the spammers that yours is a real address).
  • do not forward the junk email to your friends and acquaintances
  • Note that much junk email, particularly that generated by viruses, has forged From: addresses.

Spam Protection in Yahoo

We all get some unwelcome emails from time to time. You probably do what I do and just press delete, but sometimes you need a bit more muscle on your side to deal with them.

That’s where the Address Blocker comes in handy. It stops emails from addresses you don’t want to hear from. Just what you need? Then here’s how to do it.

Click Options, then on the list on the left click Spam. Right in the middle of the page you’ll find a space in the “Blocked Email Addresses” section. All you’ve got to do is put any email addresses you don’t want to get mail from in here, then click Add.


So whether you have some annoying spammer who has targeted you, feel like some scammer is phishing for your info, or you just have some regular old person who is kind of harassing you, this is where you can designate them for blocking.

Mark Spam + Not Spam

When I mark a message as Spam, in addition to deleting the message:

Add the sender's email address to my blocked addresses list

When I mark a message in the Bulk folder as Not Spam:

Move the message to my Inbox

Blacklist unwanted senders in Gmail


Despite Gmail's excellent spam filter, several spammers have found their way through, and marking an email as spam doesn't mean the next twenty emails from the same address will be recognized as spam (bummer, right?). The Google Operating System's method is really pretty simple - basically you set up a filter to move email from your "blacklisted" addresses out of the inbox and automatically delete them (it could work with any email that allows filtering).

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