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Satheesh C B | Monday, December 08, 2008 | 0 comments

Integrated GMail is a Firefox add-on which allows you to make the Inbox Collapsible and load your choice of Google Calendar, Reader, Notebook, Groups, etc, plus Custom URLs and Google Gadgets seamlessly into the Gmail interface below the inbox (rather than the sidebar) using a collapsible box. It even supports custom URLs (with navigation buttons) and Google Gadgets (including Remember the Milk.) If your are inbox minimalist, you can even enable minimalist mode to clean up the inbox even more..


  • Collapsible Inbox
  • Inbox Box Minimalist Mode
  • Embed in Gmail within a Collapsible Box the following Google Features:
    • Calendar
    • Reader
    • Notebook
    • Groups
    • Maps
    • Picasa
    • Sites
    • News
    • Portfolio
    • *** Custom URLs
    • *** Google Gadgets
  • Remove Headers in Included Pages
  • *** Navigation Buttons In-Frame when Appropriate
  • *** 100% from the Ground Up Redesign of the Options Interface
  • Works with Google App Accounts
    • Even Allows Combining of Non-App Features with App Accounts





SysReq:Firefox 3.0- 3.0.*


download  To download you have to create an account here

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