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Digsby is a multiprotocol IM client, email notification tool, and social networking tool that lets you chat with all your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber with one simple to manage buddy list, lets you read and delete email easily, and keeps you up-to-date of your social networking accounts.



  • Multi-IM support - AIM, MSN (or Windows Live Messenger), Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber Accounts
  • Email - Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP accounts
  • Social networks - Twitter, Facebook and Myspace
  • Audio/Video Chat - from TokBox
  • File transfer manager
  • Spell checker
  • Widget support - Digsby on your site

So what’s Digsby’s advantages over others?

  • Tabbed IM windows - big help for multiple conversations at any one time
  • Send emails via the IM/conversation window.
  • Checks and previews your email inbox - just like the netvibes but works flawlessly
  • Non-obstrusive but visible notifications
  • Support for custom skins
  • Design is simple and effective
  • Integration with your Media Player for a Now Playing status

Download Freeware 18 MB Homepage

Need a Widget like this one?


Download Widget from here

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  1. Digsby is very cool. Works well on my computer and very flexible. I'll advise my readers on Customize Your MSN about this. Thanks!